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Stainless Steel

Stud Bolts

Studs bolts inside pic 3.jpg

The stud bolt is a threaded rod usually accompanied with two heavy hex nuts. In the petroleum and chemical industry the fully threaded stud is the most common bolt used for flanged connections. The quantity of bolts for a flanged connection will be determined by the flange type, flange size and pressure class*.


Other types of stud bolts include double ends (threaded both ends only), tap ends (for threaded holes) and step-downs (ends have different diameters, also called combination studs).


Stud bolts are available in all thread pitches (UNC/UNRC – UNF/UNRF – 8UN) diameters and metric sizes. Coated and plated, as well as plain finished oil and tempered, are available as required by the end-user.

Common grades of studs stocked and made by CC Gasket are B7, B7M, L7, L7M, B16, B8, B8 class 2, B8M, and B8M class 2


CC Gasket & Fastener additionally has the capability to thread and manufacture specials from round bar to the customer’s drawings.


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