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Stainless Steel

Platings and Coatings

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Corpus Christi Gasket & Fastener’s in-house coating facility is a Whitford approved applicator providing Xylan Coatings worldwide to a multitude of industries for 23 years.


Our wear/abrasion and UV resistant coatings excel in harsh corrosive environments and deliver excellent coefficient of friction properties. This is especially beneficial in the Coastal Bend’s rich salt water environment. Many years of experience, assistance and continued support from the Whitford Corporation, ensure that CC Gasket Products continue to expand to meet our customer’s needs and requirements.


Our capabilities allow us to supply a variety of coatings and platings with flexibility, thus accommodating multiple customers with different types of finishes without sacrificing quality or service.


For a complete list of available coatings,

please contact a CC Gasket Salesperson.

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