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Stainless Steel

Non-Metallic Gaskets

At Corpus Christi Gasket & Fastener, we stock and manufacture non-metallic gaskets from a wide range of materials in our state-of-the-art gasket shop. Non-metallic gaskets are usually the most cost-effective option for flange gasket applications and the most requested by our Customers.


We use ATOM knife machines and routers in order to provide our customers with precise cuts, whether to ASME B16.20 specifications or the end users drawings. We can also easily fabricate gaskets from a customer sample.


In order to provide our Customers with a variety of options to serve their needs, we maintain the largest inventory of gasket sheet material in South Texas. We stock Non-asbestos, Red Rubber, Neoprene, Corprene, Cloth insert Diaphragm, Silicone, teflon, Viton, Closed cell sponge, Garlock BG3000 and Gylons of all sorts, as well as soft metallic materials like Grafoil, GHE, GHR. We can cut custom and standard flange gaskets to suit your needs out of any of these materials. 


Our knowledgeable Sales Staff is ready to help you decide which material is best for your application based on chemical resistance, temperature, flange size, etc. We can also source special gasket materials from our extensive list of gasket material manufacturers.


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