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Stainless Steel


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Washers are used to provide a greater load-bearing surface and prevent a nut, bolt or screw from pulling through joined materials.

Our knowledgeable Sales Team can help you choose the right washer for your applications. We can also cut custom flat washers on our water jet based on Customer’s drawings or specifications.

We stock the following types of flat and lock washers in an array of sizes, finishes and materials


  • F436

  • SAE

  • USS

  • Grade 5

  • Grade 8

  • Belleville and Solon

  • 304 and 316ss

  • Load indicator or DTI washers

  • Medium Lock Washers

  • Heavy Lock Washers

  • Bevel Washers

  • Bonded washers

Please see the CC Gasket & Fastener “Washer Identification Chart” for sample styles and materials.

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