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Stainless Steel

Self-Tapping & Cutting Screws

tapping and cutting screws inside pic.jpg

Self-tapping and self drilling screws provide an economical means of assembling components, especially where dissimilar materials must be joined together. 


A self-tapping screw (sometimes referred to as a sheet metal screw or SMS) would be used for securing thinner sheet metals or other substrates by cutting its own thread, but usually requires a pre punched or pre-drilled hole.


A self-drilling screw can drill its own hole through various thicknesses of metal or material without the need for pre-punching or pre-drilling.

The most common self tapping screws sold at CC Gasket are Tek-screws. We stock these both with or without a weather-guard (small rubber bonded washer) in multiple diameters and lengths.

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