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Stainless Steel

Spiral Wound Gaskets


Corpus Christi Gasket & Fastener supplies spiral wound gaskets in virtually all metallic winding and filler materials.


​Spiral wound gaskets are manufactured to ASME B16.20 or applicable customer specifications. These gaskets are available in a wide variety of styles and constructed materials. Standard spiral wound gaskets are ordered by nominal pipe size and pressure rating. They are double color coded as well as etched or stamped for easy identification of size, pressure rating and material.


We maintain the largest  inventory of spiral wound gaskets in South Texas. We stock gaskets from the leading metal gasket manufacturers in the world. This variety allows us to meet the customers needs according to their Approved Manufacturer List (AML). Our inventory features a wide range of pipe diameter and flange rating sizes for spiral wound gaskets including large diameter gaskets. We also stock and source “domestic” manufactured items. 


If you have a spiral wound gasket need, there is a high probability that we have your gasket in stock. If we don’t have it, we can get it. 


Contact our Sales Team to order and for more information.

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