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Stainless Steel

Ring Type Joint


Ring type joint gaskets (RTJ gaskets) are typically manufactured to API 6A (Wellhead Equipment) - 17D (Subsea Ring Joint Gaskets) and ASME B16.20.


Available from stock inventory in a variety of materials are styles "R" – "R" Octagonal – "RX" – "BX".


The RTJ gasket is primarily used in high-pressure high temperature flange gasket applications. They are precision machined, metallic rings that are designed to fit into a grooved chamber on a flange face.


RTJ gasket can also be provided in a rubber coated option. The rubber coated ring joint gasket is available in styles R (often referred as Petromec) and BX (often referred as Buna-flex).


The concept is to use the rubber option when pressure testing in order to minimize flange damage. The rubber contact points provide additional sealing while protecting the flange surfaces.


All of the above products can be ordered by the API RTJ Ring Groove Number or nominal size and pressure rating.


Contact our Sales Team to order and for more information.

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