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Stainless Steel

Hex Headed Bolts

hex headed bolts inside pic.jpg

Hex Headed bolts come in 2 major groups - structural bolts and finished hex bolts. Both have a hexagonal pattern head and are made of low to medium carbon steel. The main visual distinction between the two will be that the structural bolt will have a much larger head pattern than the finished hex bolt.


The 3 major grades of structural bolts provided by

CC Gasket are B7, A307B and A325.

B7 bolts are available starting at ¼” diameter, while A307Bs and A325s are only available beginning at ½” diameter.


The main differences between the three is their proof load, tensile strength and thread lengths. An A193 B7 hex bolt has a thread length of 2x the diameter plus ¼” when under 6” long (and plus ½” when over 6” long). The thread lengths for A325s are fixed based on their specifications. Special or A325S bolts can be provided with different thread lengths upon request from the manufacturer.


CC Gasket stocks a variety of B7 hex bolt “blanks” and can thread them up to your desired lengths in house.

All three options are stocked in various finishes and sizes including plain, plated, hot dipped galvanized and xylan coated.


The 3 most common grades of finished hex bolts are     Grade 5, Grade 8 and Grade A307 (or Grade 2).

The differences in the three is again the proof load and tensile strengths. The standard thread lengths for all three will be the same. They are available in fully threaded lengths upon request from the manufacturer.


Besides the examples listed above, CC Gasket keeps an inventory of the following - 304ss, 316ss, 310ss, 410ss, B8, B8M, B16 and exotic metals such as Monel, Inconel and Hastelloy C.


Our Sales Staff can help you source whatever type of  fastener you may require. 


**All of the different head markings and technical data for many of these grades is available for you in the chart linked below.

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