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Stainless Steel

EVOLUTION™ Isolation Kits


EVOLUTION™, the best available technology for pipeline isolation, incorporates all of these benefits into one complete and robust package. EVOLUTION™ is a patent
pending product that is the first of its kind to be a fully encapsulated isolating gasket. The thinner, ⅛” (3mm) design minimizes the difficulties often encountered
while attempting to install thicker isolating gaskets. The total encapsulation allows the gasket to be hydro-tested and kept in the pipeline with virtually no loss in isolation properties. The coating is a GPT proprietary material that is extremely abrasion and impact resistant. The coating is also chemically resistant to attack by H 2S, steam, CO, CO 2 and other chemicals often found in oil and gas pipelines.


EVOLUTION™ has passed API 6FB fire testing in multiple sizes and pressures and has a considerable increase in operating temperature over GRE products. It also has a number of other advantages over traditional GRE laminated products. Since EVOLUTION™ has no laminations; it’s able to withstand high pressures with no ill effects unlike GRE gaskets, which are prone to delamination. Furthermore, EVOLUTION™ does not have the permeation issues that plague GRE gaskets.

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