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Stainless Steel

All-Thread Rods

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All thread rod, or ATR is a continuously threaded rod available in multiple materials and lengths, usually formed in 10’ to 12’ increments. It is a general purpose material that can be used for anything from anchor-bolting to flange bolting.


CC Gasket carries a large inventory of all-thread rod in diameters from ¼” to 4” in a variety of grades and thread pitches. We also stock metric ATR in meter long increments. All grades of stock all-thread rod can be sold “as is” and shipped in 6’, 10’, or 12’ lengths. We can also cut to custom lengths depending on the Customers needs and/or shipping requirements.


ATR is most often used to provide our Customers with custom length stud bolts to suit special flange sizes. We stock a large variety of material grades which allows our customers the most options for their applications. Below is a list of some of the material grades we can provide. Many will come in a variety of finishes such as plain, plated, galvanized and xylan coated.


  • B7

  • B7M

  • L7

  • L7M

  • B16

  • F1554 Gr36

  • Stainless - B8, B8M, B8 class 2, B8M class 2, etc.

  • Exotic Metals - Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, etc.

CC Gasket also stocks nominal (or un-threaded) bar in B7, L7, hot roll and cold roll. This allows us to provide our customers with special bolting and customized thread pitches.

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